Free Pre-testing permits the student nurse to assess their preparation on the NCLEX - RN client codes

This free section of the website provides the user with several opportunities to assess their readiness to pass the NCLEX (R)  using questions on concepts blueprinted according to the NCSBN's RN test plan.  These questions are written by faculty or found on the internet and tested here for their reliability and validity.  Students can expect to be distracted by the questions and should attempt to overcome distractions in order to answer the questions correctly.  Please feel free to let our faculty know of any concerns about questions as these are important to the development of our programs.

After completing each pre-test, Study4NCLEX faculty will provide feedback to users on their approach.  Our program has created a pass criterion of 70 on all exercises.  Assessments that result in a score of less than 70 are considered areas that students should focus their preparation for the NCLEX.  Users may choose whether to commit to completing the Master NCLEX Review or other approach based on this feedback.  All aspects of are free until we have tested our services in 1000 students. 

Click Pretesting Free Pretesting to Enter the PreAssessment:

The Pretesting Section is to perform a baseline assesment.  To give a perspective on you, the visitor's level of nursing knowledge, comprehension, and application. Once completed, a badge will be sent to the visitor with information to access the Master Review.  Use your textbooks to review the Master Review.  

Determine the Topic.

Identify your role in the question.

Select the answer based on the literature.  

Once you achieve a 70 on all sections in the Master Review.  You will be asked to conduct the Nursing Diagnostic Exam with Certainty Based Testing. This is a predictive exam.